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7075 Aluminum Plate Application

- Mar 19, 2018 -

  7075 Aluminum Plate Application

7075 Aluminum Plate Applications:

Some common applications that use 7075 steel plate include:

Aerospace components

Air-frame structures

Highly stressed aircraft parts

DIX Metals will grind or mill your 7075-T651 aluminum plates to your exact specifications. We offer mill test reports and a thickness range of 0.125” through 6”. Our 7075-T651 aluminum plates are certified to ASTM B209, ASM-QQ-A-250/12 and AMS specifications. DIX Metals will meet all of your requirements.

Chemical Composition Limits (WT %)

Silicon: 0.4

Iron: 0.5

Copper: 1.2-2.0

Manganese: 0.3

Magnesium: 2.1-2.9

Chromium: 0.18-0.28

Zinc: 5.1-6.1

Titanium: 0.2

Others, each: 0.05

Others, total: 0.15

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