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Aluminum Alloy Aluminium Plate/Sheet 5083 6061 7075

- May 24, 2018 -

Marine Grade Aluminum Alloy Aluminium Plate/Sheet (5052/5083/5754/5052)

Product character: high strength, excellent machining performance, corrosion resistance, exfoliation corrosion resistance, inter-crystalline corrosion resistance, recyclable. 

Chemical composition of Marine Aluminum Sheet
Alloy (%)505250835086575460617075
Si0.250.400.400.400.40_ 0.800.40
Cu0. 0.401.2_ 2.0
Mn0.100.40_ 1.00.20_ 0.70.500.150.30
Mg2.2_ 2.84.0_ 4.93.5_ 4.52.6_ 3.60.8_ 1.22.1_ 2.9
Cr0.15_ 0.350.05_ 0.250.05_ 0.250.300.04_ 0.350.18_ 0.28
Zn0. 6.1
Each (Others)
Total (Others)
Single number indicates maximum content.

Packing of marine aluminum sheet
Sheet: Sheets are placed in wooden boxes on wooden skids with runners along the length of the sheet. They are wrapped in HDPE with hardboard on top and bottom of the stack. Hoop iron strapping runs along the length of the sheets. Silica gel packets are put in the boxes for moisture protection.