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Application of Aluminum Rods

- May 12, 2018 -

Application of Aluminum Rods

Aluminum  bar to be used for rectifier parts, brackets, structural components, camera lens mounts, electrical fittings, marine fittings and components, and hinge pins. This product can be used in a wide variety of applications,

In fact, it is used for structures that are heavy duty and require good strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance. When in the annealed condition, the 6061 alloy can be cold worked with no problem. Some of the ways this product can be formed include drilling, cutting, deep drawing, stamping, tapping and bending.

Chemical compostie of  aluminum bar :

AlloyChemical Component %≤
60610.4- 1.20.04-0.35\
60820.7- 1.00.6- 1.20.25\

Mechnical properity:

AlloyUltimate Tensile Strength(Mpa)Tensile Yield Strenght (Mpa) Elongation  /%
6061 T631027617