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Applications of 6061 aluminum plate

- May 03, 2018 -

6061 is a heat-treatable grade widely used in light to medium strength structural applications. The alloy has good corrosion resistance and weldability and possesses good formability in the 0 to T4 tempers. 6061 does lose appreciable strength when welded and it is replaced by the 5000 series alloys where afterweld strength is a prime consideration.


6061 is used in structural areas where both strength and corrosion resistance is required, truck bodies and frames, and towers.

Mechanical Properties:

6061 aluminumTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongationBrinell Hardness

ksiMPaksiMPa% in 2"

6061-T6 (T651)44.030841.02871795