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How much do you know about the application of container aluminum?

- Nov 09, 2018 -

According to manufacturing materials are divided into steel containers, aluminum alloy containers, glass steel containers, stainless steel containers, wooden containers.

There are dry cargo containers, bulk cargo containers, liquid cargo containers, refrigerated containers, and some special special containers (livestock containers, animal skins containers, etc.).

Now, with the improvement of people's life and the development of tourism, the caravan transformed by container gradually appears in our vision. It advocates a kind of environmental protection concept, which is not only a new way of travel, but also a special experience. "R4 room" (Recyclables, Recuperable, Reutilizables, Reasonable) of container car, the car by container modification, design interior space according to their own requirements, due to the relatively large size, so generally by the heavy truck traction.

Will tell commonly, the dimension of a container is 12 meters long, 3 meters wide, decorate to add insulation layer, the "cover inside area" of 1 R4 room can achieve 20 much square metre. And in most R4 rooms, have condole top, floor, furniture to wait.

In order to meet the basic needs of ventilation, two Windows will be opened on both sides of the container, equipped with doors and Windows. In order to ensure safety and comfort, most of the Windows of R4 house will be equipped with security nets and rain, and its door is a solid sealed security door.

Considering the development needs of domestic container rv and camping base, it is safe, comfortable and equipped with the functions of normal residence such as kitchen and bathroom. These R4 "R4" trailers make full use of green environmental materials and energy. The lighting system in the house is powered by solar energy. The whole body USES light, environment-friendly and energy-saving materials and facilities. Although rv tourism has been developed in the west for many years, the United States is the country that currently USES more rv in the world, but it only appeared in China about 10 years ago.

The car interior

After 2013, China's container rv market has been growing at an annual growth rate of 70% to 100%, and it is predicted that 2017 will be the outbreak period of China's container rv. The total number of RVS in China is expected to be between 500,000 to 1 million by 2022.

China started its container manufacturing industry in the 1970s. With the rapid development of international container transport and the substantial increase in the proportion of goods packed into containers, many cargoes that used to be transported by ordinary refrigerated ships are now being moved to refrigerated containers or tanks, and roads and railways are also moving to containerization. The structure of container products, in the traditional standard dry container dominant varieties, refrigerated container, tank box, regional boxes and other special containers accounted for a sharp increase.

In the 1960s, Fruehauf, Trailmobile and other companies in the United States pioneered the use of steel frames. The flat plates on the containers were made of extruded aluminum. Since aluminum alloy can maintain good performance at low temperature, and aluminum does not react with oil, natural gas and other chemical liquefaction, its cost performance advantage has been widely recognized by related industries. Aluminum profile, aluminum plate has become the mainstream material of container production.

Aluminum profiles used in containers mainly include 6061, 6082, 6351, 6005, 6063 and 6060 alloys, among which 6061 and 6082 alloys are more used, accounting for more than 90% of the usage amount. The product has high strength and good welding performance. It is mainly used to make the floor board, connecting piece, threshold, forklift rail, ground support beam, roof support beam, side aluminum plate upper and lower fixed beam, box corner connection piece, outside decoration piece, cold air door, box door frame and box door hinge, etc.