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The market prospect of 5083 aluminum plate for freight cars is broad

- Nov 12, 2018 -

More than 85% of the mechanisms and components can be made of aluminum alloy in freight transport vehicles and fully meet the relevant standards in terms of performance requirements. In most of the industrialized countries, the total aluminum of freight cars has been basically completed, with the total aluminum level even exceeding 85% and the lower level exceeding 70%. At present in China, the truck aluminum alloy is still in the initial stage, but has also obtained some achievements. Specifically, in the aluminum processing industry, the consumption of aluminum alloy for freight cars, represented by 5083 aluminum plates, is gradually improving, and shows great development space.

The dump truck is a main truck used for transporting granular and powdery materials. Its hopper is made of 5083 and 5A05 aluminum plate products, and 5183 aluminum alloy is used in welding. The bucket is welded with about 5mm aluminum plates. The inner is lined with steel plates. The aluminum alloy dump truck is 50% lighter than the original steel truck, but the performance, bearing capacity and other properties can meet the requirements. The dump truck is also the main direction of the truck. In 2009, domestic self-developed aluminum automatic loading and unloading trucks successfully went offline, and the technology has reached the international level. The all-aluminum dumper greatly reduces the dead weight, greatly improves the energy saving, emission reduction and performance, and meets the basic requirements for the dumper in the current market. Among them, 5 series aluminum alloy products represented by 5083 aluminum plate play an important role.