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Main Aluminum Products Forms

- May 30, 2018 -

  Mainly supply in forms of coil, sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube, pipe, beam, angle, flange, wire, strip, channel, etc., with various varieties, wide range of dimensions, high purity, stable chemical composition, high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. The products are widely  used in the fields of industries such as automobile engineering, railway transportation, aviation, aerospace, machinery and decoration field.
Main products forms 

Aluminium alloy  coil

Aluminium alloy plate

Aluminium alloy sheet

Aluminium alloy bar/rod

         Aluminium alloy round bar

         Aluminium alloy flat bar

         Aluminium alloy square bar
         Aluminium alloy angle bar

Aluminium alloy pipe/tube ( welded or seamless )

         Aluminium alloy round pipes

        Aluminium alloy square pipes

        Aluminium alloy welded tubes

        Aluminium alloy seamless tubes

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