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Pattern Aluminum Plate Classification

- Feb 03, 2019 -

According to the different patterns of aluminum plate alloy can be divided into:

1, ordinary aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate: 1060 aluminum plate for the plate base processing of aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate, can adapt to the common environment, low price. Usually cold storage, floor, the outer packing USES this kind of decorative pattern aluminum plate.

2, aluminum sheet metal decorative pattern: in 3003 as the main raw material processing and become, this also known as antirust aluminum plate, aluminum plate strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum decorative pattern plate, which has some rust resistance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance of less than 5000 series of decorative pattern plate, so the product application in the antirust of request is not strict, such as freight trains, floor in refrigerator.

3. Aluminum-magnesium alloy decorative plates: made from 5000-series aluminum plates such as 5052 or 5083, with good milk corrosiveness, hardness and rust resistance. Usually used in special places, such as ships, carriage lights in humid environment, this kind of aluminum plate is of high hardness and has a certain bearing capacity.

Two, according to the different patterns of aluminum plate is divided into:

1. Five ribbed and aluminum alloy decorative boards: five ribbed and non-slip aluminum boards become willowleaf pattern boards and aluminum alloy decorative boards. With good skid resistance, it is widely used in the design of building (floor) platform, etc. Because the decorative pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate is arranged in accordance with five concave and convex decorative patterns in a relatively parallel way, and the 60-80 degree Angle is presented between each decorative pattern and other decorative patterns, so this decorative pattern has the skid resistance. The domestic usually USES this kind of aluminum plate as anti-skid and USES, has the good anti-skid effect, the price adds the cheap.

2, the compass aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate: non-skid aluminum plate, and five bars have the same effect, but not often used.

3, orange skin aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate is divided into: classic orange skin decorative pattern aluminum plate, variation orange skin decorative pattern aluminum plate (also known as insect grain). Its surface appears similar to the orange peel pattern, so can be called orange peel pattern aluminum plate. Is a refrigerator, air conditioning and packaging commonly used pattern products.

4, lentil pattern aluminum plate is a common type of non-skid aluminum plate, with good anti-skid effect, mainly used in carriage, platform, cold storage floor, workshop floor, elevator anti-skid.

5. The aluminum plate with spherical pattern can also be called the aluminum plate with semicircular spherical pattern. The surface presents a small spherical pattern, just like a small pearl. Mainly used in outer packing. The exterior is more beautiful, because of the special decorative pattern, the intensity of this kind of aluminium plate wants than other decorative pattern series tall a lot of.

6, other aluminum decorative pattern material: wavy pattern material, water ripple aluminum decorative pattern plate, corrugated pattern aluminum plate (also can be a aluminum watts), the cane makes up grain pattern aluminum plate, three-dimensional triangular aluminum decorative pattern plate, aluminum plate strip decorative pattern, cobble aluminum decorative pattern plate, aluminum decorative pattern plate, triangle strip pattern aluminum plate, the butterfly pattern aluminum plate etc.

7, diamond aluminum alloy decorative pattern plate: packaging pipe or outer packaging commonly used.